This Week in Music 10.03.2012

So begins the first week of October. An admittedly light month for all of you AKS nerds out there, although I’m sure that your wallets are thanking you for it. However there’s still plenty to get excited about, with a bunch of great groups all releasing new music this month. Let’s take a look at the first batch, shall we?


Matsui Sakiko – “Kokyuu Suru Piano”

Our first offering this week comes from AKB48’s Matsui Sakiko. This week marks the release of her long awaited (by me at least) solo piano album “Kokyuu Suru Piano”. The album features piano covers of various AKB48 songs as well as the odd original thrown in there just to keep you on your toes. I’ve heard a few songs from the album and I have to say that they sound very good. Now, if you’re not a fan of piano instrumentals then this obviously isn’t for you. However I would suggest that everyone at least give this a play through just because it’s something a bit different that we don’t get to see very often.


Ono Erena – “Erenyan”

Our second new release of the week comes from former AKB48 member Ono Erena. “Erenyan” is her second outing as a solo artist and if I’m honest, it doesn’t quite hit the same mark as her debut single “Erepyon”. This can largely be blamed on the composer of the instrumentals, who doesn’t seem to have much depth when it comes to writing music. There just doesn’t seem like there’s much flair here and the song suffers because of this. Fans of Ono Erena are obviously going to check this out but if you’re just a casual observer, perhaps give this one a miss.



Our last release this week comes from flight attendant idol group PASSPO☆. As you know, they’ve been experimenting with various genres of Rock and Metal music lately. This remains the case with new single “WING” which is billed as “PASSPO☆ meets German Metal”, whatever that means. The real question is, is it any good? I personally think that it is and that if you haven’t already checked out PASSPO☆ then you should probably get on that relatively quickly because you’re missing out. I wonder what genre of music they’ll draw inspiration from next? I’d quite like to see “PASSPO☆ meets Folk Metal” myself.


Well there you have it, not a bad way to kick off the month if you ask me. Check back next week for new releases from PASSPO☆’s sister group palet as well as Morning Musume.

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