This Week in Music 09.25.2013

This week’s featured releases come from Morning Musume, Not yet and Tokyo Girls’ Style.


Morning Musume – “The Best! -Updated Morning Musume-


Morning Musume lead off this week with a “Best of” album with a bit of a difference. Basically what they’ve done is take a selection of their most famous songs from “the good old days” and updated them to match today’s musical style. They’ve also re-recorded some of their more recent material so as to include 11th generation member Oda Sakura and slapped a new song titled “Wolf Boy” on the end for good measure. This release is going to get a pretty mixed reception; the disillusioned lapsed fans will likely use it as yet another stick to beat them with and even the diehard might find this a difficult pill to swallow. My advice is to listen to the sample I linked and try to evaluate it in a vacuum. If you like what they’ve done here, awesome and if you don’t (but otherwise liked previous single Wagamama/Gundan) then just pass on this and wait for the next single to come out.


Not yet – “Hiri Hiri no Hana


Guess what guys, Not yet are back after what was it? A year of no activity? A cause for celebration for most of you I’m sure. Well, this week sees the release of their new single “Hiri Hiri no Hana” and I’m not sure the wait was worth it. I’m generally a fan of Not yet’s work but this release hits a bit of a bum note with me. It’s not that the song itself is bad or anything but I’m just not hearing anything (besides very obviously the people singing it) that would distinguish this as a Not yet song. If I went into this blind I’d guess that it was maybe a Team Surprise song or a really good b-side (it honestly has a lot of elements of past AKB a-sides if you listen carefully). I’m not really sure that’s the kind of bar Not yet should be aiming for. Maybe I’m expecting too much but I just came away from this one feeling rather underwhelmed.


Tokyo Girls’ Style – “Get The Star / Last Forever”


Closing out our featured releases for this week are Tokyo Girls’ Style with their double a-side single (this trend has to stop, seriously) “Get the Star / Last Forever”. I can only really comment on “Get the Star” because that’s the only thing I’ve heard a decent quality recording of but hey, it’s a pretty darn good song to talk about. The more observant of you will note that this is a bit of a departure from the usual kind of song that TGS are known for. It’s a pretty rocking little number that is fairly safe and won’t set the world alight but it’s catchy and everything is done incredibly well. I don’t know if this is just going to be a one off thing or a sign that we’re moving into a different style of music going forward but I’m fairly happy with what I’m hearing right now and I wouldn’t be opposed to more of it in the future.



Datte Love Me Do” by ANNA☆S
Ame Kaiwai” by Candy-Go!Go!
Start Ribbon” by Caramel Ribbon
“Jounetsu.Emotion. -Real Idoroll Gift-” by Himekyun Fruit Can
Dogimagi First Love” by N Zero
“Re:Re Kochi” by Re: Lien & Kochi
“Congratulations” by Space Girls Planet

Recommended listening from this week’s other releases would definitely be “Datte Love Me Do” by ANNA☆S, Candy-Go!Go!’s mini-album “Ame Kaiwai” and Caramel Ribbon’s “Start Ribbon”. They’re all strong offerings and make for a very good release week if you’re an idol fan.

Tell me what you think about this week’s new music in the comment section below.

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