This Week in Music 09.18.2013

This week’s sole featured release comes from Brand-new Idol Society.


Brand-new Idol Society – “Fly / Hi


Brand-new Idol Society are our lone featured release in what is by all accounts a very quiet week on the idol release front. It’s a good thing then that BiS bring an incredibly solid offering to the table. “Fly / Hi” (seriously? another double a-side?) sees the group continue to move away from their love affair with screaming and heavy metal inspired instrumentals. Where we’re at right now is somewhere between said love affair and the sound that the group had when it first started. I personally think it’s a really nice balance of catchy and in your face and wouldn’t mind if this was the direction they take going forward. This is BiS though so who really knows what they’ll do on their next release.



Dansou Revolution” by Fudanjuku
“Date Course” by Lyrical School

This week’s other releases see Fudanjuku continue to do their dansou thing, not really much to say there apart from that it’s a cool song and you should know what to expect from them by now. Meanwhile, Lyrical School release their new album “Date Course” which you should check out if you enjoy your idol rap.

This is probably a silly question given the lack of releases this week, but let me know what you’re looking forward to in the comment section below.

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