This week in music 09.16.2015

This week’s featured releases come from Billie Idle, and Team Syachihoko.


Billie Idle – “Rock ‘n’ Roll Idle


Out of all of the BiS off-shoots, which one is your favorite? They certainly offer something for just about everyone, what with BiSH carrying on the BiS legacy, Terashima Yufu going the more tradition idol route, POP dropping the hard dance beats and Tentenko being a jack of all trades. Then we have Billie Idle with counter culture at the very core of their identity. Which makes it somewhat confusing as to why this album is being billed as a “Neo 80s” pop album, something that seems to be very much in vogue in the idol scene these days. With only one song being available at the time of writing, it will be interesting to hear how the rest of the album plays out. – “Ashita Chikyuu Ga Konagona Ni Nattemo


Next up for you this week we have, who are known to be rather eccentric when it comes to both their style and music. So of course this time out they’re doing a straight up J-Pop song with none of the things that everyone has come to expect from them. I suppose things like these can be seen as rather refreshing and I think that overall that’s how people should view this. The problem is, when you strip away all of the things that make Dempagumi unique, you’re not really left with all that much underneath. It honestly is a struggle to see who this single is supposed to appeal to at the end of the day. The hardcore fan will probably like it no matter what, but I can see it just being too vanilla for the casual J-Pop listener.


Team Syachihoko – “Kaijuu Tottoto / Jirijiri Natsukatsu Iinkai Feat. Shimajiro


Last up we have Team Syachihoko who are bucking the trend and not choosing to release new material in a style that we haven’t already grown accustomed to. I suppose it would have been a bit too much to throw three curveballs in a row, right? It’s a shame really because the last (first?) time they did that we got something pretty cool in the form of “Shampoo Hat”. Not the case this time as we have our very safe and familiar energetic Syachihoko song in full effect. They’re promoting some kids show or other, it’s not important, the important thing is the song is fine and should tick all of the boxes for their usual audience.



Nazo / Yada! Iyada! Yada! ~Sweet Teens ver.~” by La PomPon
“Cheer” by Petit Pas
“Jump!!” by Petit Pas
“Magic” by Petit Pas
Atsu Atsu Ping Pong Show” by Ru: Run

A pretty odd week in the world of idol music. Of the stuff not featured, La PomPon is decent and I find Petit Pas to be kinda interesting from the live videos I’ve seen. Until next time.

If you missed any of the last few weeks’ worth of new music you can check out past editions of This Week in Music here.

What new music are you looking forward to this week? Leave a comment and let us know!

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