This Week in Music 09.12.2012

Time for another installment of “This Week in Music”. No new AKS releases again this week (unless you count the pachinko stuff, which for the purpose of this article I don’t) so feel free to skip right along if that’s all you’re here for. For everyone else, I’m writing this in the hour of downtime I have between all of the NFL games that are being played today so let’s make this quick.


Morning Musume – “13 Colorful Character”

Our first release for this week comes from Morning Musume. This week sees them release their thirteenth studio album, titled “Colorful Character”. It features a variety of songs, including past singles such as “One Two Three”, “Renai Hunter” and “Pyocopyoco Ultra” as well as some new songs which are exclusive to this album. I’ve been pretty positive on Morning Musume of late so of course I’m going to recommend that everyone check out this release. I know a lot of people have a very negative view of Morning Musume these past few years but I really think they’re moving in a positive direction now. Perhaps now is a good time to put down the AKB CDs for an hour and give Morning Musume a try.


Station♪ – “Love Happy Station♪”

The other release this week comes from (as of a few weeks ago) community favorite Station♪. Titled “Love Happy Station♪”, this single is exclusive to HMV stores in Japan as well as Station♪ live events so it’s not going to be the easiest thing to get a hold of. It also comes in six different versions, with a version for each member of the group along with a regular edition. The song is a very pleasant affair albeit rather typical as far as idol songs go. Those wishing for a more comprehensive introduction to the group might want to check out their album which is titled “Densha De Go!Go!” and features all of their past singles along with a selection of other songs.


That’s it for this week. Make sure to come back next week to wish me a Happy Birthday. Oh and we’re getting a double whammy from SKE48, with both a new single and a new album set to be released.

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