This Week in Music 08.29.2012

It’s Monday, a new week is here and a new week means new music. We have yet another release from AKS this week along with something else that’s a bit different so hopefully we have something for everyone.

I’m fresh off the back of quashing the rumour that I hate AKB48 and I’m feeling good so let’s get right into things.



AKB48 – “Gingham Check”

Okay, no introductions needed here. Our first release that we’re looking at this week is “Gingham Check” by AKB48. I’m really not a fan of the a-side, mostly because it in no way lives up to election singles that came before it. It’s not like it’s a terrible song but for me it lacks the punch that I like in my idol songs and the hook feels pretty weak too. However, all hope is not lost because thankfully the b-sides come to the rescue. “Nante Bohemian” is really catchy and inventive (although reminds me a bit of Hello!Project) so I’d certainly recommend that you check that out. “Show Fight” is hands down the best song that AKB have released this year and potentially the best PV too. “Yume no Kawa” is pretty good for a ballad (that’s high praise coming from me) and I’d avoid “Doremifa Onchi” like the plague. Overall it’s a pretty good release.


Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – “Go! Go! Here We Go! Rock Lee”

This week’s other release comes from Ebichu and it’s their second major label single. As you can tell from the cover art above, this an anime tie-in and as a result the quality does suffer quite a bit. Yeah, I’m not really sure on this one to be honest. I mean, the a-side isn’t the worst but the shine really does come off when they drop Naruto references in mid-verse. If you’re a Naruto fan then maybe it’s more enjoyable but as someone who has a real appreciation for Ebichu’s back catalog this isn’t really them at their best. Still, give it a listen and if you can kinda appreciate what they’re doing here then go back and check out their older stuff, which in my opinion is much better.


That wraps things up for this week. Check back next week to hear about new releases from C-ute and Sakura Gakuin.

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  1. Show Fight. The only best damn song and PV in Gingham.

  2. Since when did Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku catch the Maeda Ami eyebrow virus? :P

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