This Week in Music 07.31.2013

This week’s featured releases come from Babyraids, PASSPO☆ and Rhymeberry.


Babyraids – “Baby Ambitious


Babyraids kick things off for us this week with their latest single “Baby Ambitious”. For me personally, Babyraids blow pretty hot and cold when it comes to single releases. For every “JUMP” there seems to be a “Baby Revolution” so I try to keep my expectations fairly reserved. As far as “Baby Ambitious” goes, I’d say it pretty much hits where my expectations were. It has some nice instrumentals but the vocals are kinda boring and not very catchy. It’s by no means a bad song but I don’t see myself rushing to revisit it any time soon.


PASSPO☆ – “Mousou no Hawaii


Next up we have yet another single from PASSPO☆ in the form of “Mousou no Hawaii”. At this point I really have lost count of how many singles PASSPO☆ have put out this year. Testament to that fact is that I hadn’t even listened to this song before prepping for this article. My thoughts? It’s just a huge mess, like they wrote two songs and decided to mash them together. The instrumentals and vocals are an affront to each other and the song just does not work. At this point PASSPO☆ and their management need to take a step back and reevaluate where they’re going musically because that train appears to have left the tracks somewhere around January of this year.




Which brings us to our third and final featured release for this week, from Rhymeberry. “SUPERMCZTOKYO” is the group’s third single and I think it’s their best yet. Unlike most of the people that I’m fortunate enough to call friends, I wasn’t ever really on the Rhymeberry hype train. I just found their rapping to be pretty awkward and not very enjoyable to listen to. It was cool that they were doing something different but I didn’t think they were doing it particularly well. My opinion has been changed with this single and I hope that they can build on this and keep improving over time. Definitely my single of the week although competition wasn’t exactly fierce.



Sekai De Ichiban Natsu Ga Suki” by ALLOVER
“Stage No Nai Machikado De” by Dinity
Lucky Tripper -Sorezore No Natsu-” by JK21
Sweet Darling!” by Power Spot
“Tokimeki Lover” by Shibuya Dominion
Ai no Kankyo Kenkyu Center / Manatsu no Sora no Iro” by Takokusekigun

What looked like a pretty solid release week on paper in reality didn’t measure up, for me anyway. Of the stuff I didn’t talk about, ALLOVER and Takokusekigun caught my attention the most although neither really blew me away. Let’s hope we can shake off the Tokyo Idol Festival hangover by next week.

Let me know what you think about this week’s releases in the comment section below.

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