This Week in Music 07.25.2012

We have somewhat of a mixed bag of releases this week with a broad spectrum of groups getting in on the act. As always I will endeavour to point you in the right direction and steer you away from the things that aren’t worth your time. With all of that being said, read on and we’ll get down to business.


Berryz Koubou – “cha cha SING”

We kick things off this week with Berryz Koubou and their new single “cha cha SING”. Unintentionally racist? Perhaps, but we’re not really here to judge that today. What we should be talking about is the song which at the absolute worst is decent. I personally rather like it with its catchy vocals and (well apart from that one awful synth part, you know what one) energetic instrumentals. All in all it’s a really solid release from Berryz, there’s just one tiny little detail that you have to point out; this song is a cover. So they didn’t quite get there completely on their own merit but still, it’s a great song. Oh and I’m sure you’re all looking forward to Momoko’s solo b-side that’s included on this release. I know I’m not.


Fairies – “Tweet Dream / Sparkle”

Next up we have Fairies and their double a-side single “Tweet Dream / Sparkle”. In all honesty I’m not the biggest Fairies fan and I can’t claim to follow them that closely so I’m probably not the best judge for this release. Thankfully we have a member of staff who does actually really like Fairies and as such is a much better person to talk about them. You can read Mr. Dae Lee’s reviews of both “Tweet Dream” and “Sparkle here and here.


Watanabe Mayu – “Otona Jelly Beans”

Last up this week we have Watanabe Mayu and her second solo single “Otona Jelly Beans”. I don’t think I really have to say too much about this one, just imagine Mayu’s last single or pretty much any of the recent Watarirouka singles and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what this sounds like. If that sort of thing is what you like then this one is for you, everyone else just keep walking because there’s nothing new to see here. For an actual review of this release you can read the one that we posted here. Why you would want to read an even longer post about this single is anyone’s guess but it’s there if you wish to read it.


That’s it, we’re done for this week. Come back next week where I believe I get to talk about the new NO NAME single and not much else.


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  1. Looking forward to the NO NAME release, didn’t realize it was so soon. I wasn’t liking Tweet Dream too much, but after a few listens and help from the PV, I’ve grown to like it quite a bit.

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