This Week in Music 07.17.2013

Featured releases this week come from Negicco and SKE48


Negicco – “Melody Palette”


Negicco release their debut album this week (I guess we’re not counting that Greatest Hits album they put out last year) and to say I’m excited would be an understatement. The album features the group’s past 4 singles; “Koi no Express Train”, “Anata to Pop with You!“, “Ai no Tower of Love” and “Idol Bakari Kikanaide” along with 9 other songs for a total of 13. A lot of you might not enjoy Negicco’s genre of idol pop but in my opinion this will be one of the best albums we hear this year. If you’ve never given Negicco a shot before or have only just recently got into them then you need this album in your life.


SKE48 – “Utsukushi Inazuma


Nagoya’s own SKE48 finally release their 12th single “Utsukushi Inazuma” this week (seriously, 6 months between singles? come on man) and it looks to be yet another solid offering. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the Lord of the Flies looking PV that accompanies the song but hey, this is This Week in Music not This Week in Video so who cares about that. We’re doing team b-sides this time and for me, Team S and Team E bring the most interesting songs to the table, which is a fairly decent batting average for an AKS single. I doubt I have to convince anyone to check this release out, but for what it’s worth I like it.



Negiposi Monster” by 2&
“Chance no Kamisama” by Kaiketsu! Tropical Maru

The best of the rest this week comes from a group I’ve never heard of before, 2&. If you’re into idol groups doing J-rock style songs then I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy “Negiposi Monster” a fair amount. Couple that with the new Negicco album and I know I’m certainly going to be enjoying a lot of great new music this week.

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