This Week in Music 06.27.2012

Hey look, it’s that time of the week again. You know, the time of the week where I take a look at all of the new music coming out this week and let you guys know if it’s worth your time. Aren’t you all thankful for this fantastic public service that I provide, for completely no cost too!

In all seriousness though, welcome to “This Week in Music” here on New School Kaidan. We have a couple of releases to talk about this week so we should probably get right into it. Read on after the break if for whatever reason you happen to value my opinions.

Mano Erina – “Song for the DATE”

Hey look, it’s Mano Erina and she’s back with a new single this week. I’m sure I mention this every time I talk about a Mano Erina release but her music is very much love it or hate it. As such I’m not going to waste much time trying to justify this release one way or the other. Instead I’m just going to lay out what it’s all about and any of you who haven’t already made up your mind about Mano Erina can go decide for yourselves. Anyway, “Song for the DATE” (great title for an idol song btw) is a bit of a departure from the usual Mano Erina songs that we’re all used to at this point. “Song for the DATE” has a very 90s inspired sound to it and the PV certainly wouldn’t be out of place in that time period either. It sports a much different personality than the bubblegum pop, unicorn riding, frilly dress wearing idol music that is very much the norm today. Yeah, “Song for the DATE” is a bit of a nostalgia trip but it’s a very nice and inoffensive nostalgia trip.


Momoiro Clover Z – “Otome Sensou”

The last release we’re looking at this week is Momoiro Clover Z’s new single “Otome Sensou”. I’m not really going to go into this one too much, at least not the a-side anyway. If you want to hear my and some of the other NSK guys’ thoughts on that then click here. To summarize, easily the worst Momoiro Clover Z song I’ve ever heard and I hope they get their regular composer back for their next single. All hope is not lost though dear reader! While “Otome Sensou” may be a bit of a let down, this single’s b-sides are very much business as usual. Both “PUSH” and “Mite Mite☆Kochi-chi” rock the more conventional Momoiro Clover sound and go a long way to make up for the a-side’s shortcomings. One of the unfortunate cases where the b-sides are a lot better than the main song, in my opinion anyway.


Guess that’s it over again for another week. Come back next week if you want to hear me talk about some other stuff. I think I have to talk about BABYMETAL, Morning Musume and SUPER☆GiRLS so there’s that I suppose.


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