This Week in Music 06.26.2013

This week’s featured releases come from Brand-new Idol Society and PASSPO☆ but don’t forget to check out all of the other releases listed at the end of the post.


Brand-new Idol SocietyDiE


The first of this week’s two featured releases is from Brand-new Idol Society, with their new single “DiE”. I wrote a rather in-depth review of the PV and song here and would much prefer if you took the time to read that. For those of you who want a quick summary, “DiE” isn’t the best single that BiS have ever put out but it’s still well worth the listen if you’re into this kind of music. It’s also the first single to feature the group’s new members so it’s reasonably significant in that regard too.




Our other featured release for this week is from PASSPO☆ who are releasing their newest single “Truly”. I don’t know about you but I think I’ve lost count of how many singles PASSPO☆ have put out this year. Most of them have been okay, although probably weaker than 2012’s offerings and for me, “Truly” is probably the worst of 2013’s crop. It’s a slower song, something I’m not super stoked on but that’s not even the real problem. Things just feel flat, like they hit the mid-range then just stay there for the whole song. I know PASSPO☆ are better than this and I do have to wonder if this constant stream of single releases has somewhat stunted the quality of the music. Hopefully they take a few months off from releasing singles and come back with something a bit stronger. They’re certainly capable of it.



“Evolution” by Fruity
Melody” by Heisei Kotohime
51% platonic” by Hime Carat
“Houki Boshi” by Nagoya Clear’s
Gamushara Spirits” by Tokyo Cheer2 Party
STEP×STEP” by Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen

The best of the rest this week comes from Heisei Kotohime and Hime Carat. Both groups rocking their own instruments and doing things a bit different from the norm. Something I always appreciate when it comes to idol music. For the traditionalists among you, Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen serve up a rather pleasant song that I personally wasn’t expecting and is worth a listen.

Let me know what you liked from this week’s new releases by leaving a comment below.

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