This Week in Music 06.05.2013

With AKB48 having their little election circlejerk at the end of the week, it’d be easy to forget that anything else is really happening in the idol world right now. Well, it’s a good thing I’m here to remind you. Let’s take a look at this week’s new music.


Momoiro Clover – “Iriguchi no Nai Deguchi”


Our first featured release of the week comes from Momoiro Clover. Yes, Momoiro Clover not Momoiro Clover Z. Don’t worry, they haven’t changed their name back (although perhaps some people wish they could go back to those times), no this is an album chock full of their indie releases. There’s a bunch of covers, some never before released on CD tracks and a host of other great songs. A lot of people know Momoiro Clover from their more recent releases but their older stuff is well worth looking into. Sure it’s maybe not as polished as you’re used to but all of the charm is still there.


Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – “Te Wo Tsunagou / Kindan No Karman


Next up we’ve got Ebichu who are following the double a-side trend that seems to be popular lately. I’m not stoked on it but whatever, how do the songs shape up? “Te Wo Tsunagou” is a fairly standard sounding J-pop song on the surface but there’s some really great layering of vocals and instrumentals going on in there. “Kindan No Karman” is more in the realm of what we’ve come to expect from Ebichu although it strays almost into Momoiro Clover territory at times. It makes use of the good elements of Momoclo songs though, so no problems there. Overall, an incredibly solid single that is more than worth your time.


Tokyo Girls’ Style – “Unmei /


The last of this week’s featured releases is from Tokyo Girls’ Style, with another double a-side. Seriously, can we stop with the double a-sides already? Anyway, if you’re a fan of the funky side of Tokyo Girls’ Style then I think you’ll really enjoy “Unmei”. It has funk in spades, as if the song being packed with flair wasn’t already enough. “Wonderful Smile” is a stark contrast; being an upbeat, poppy idol song performed by Arai Hitomi and some image character from a television show. It’s a nice song though and I think both song compliment each other well enough. Worth a look I’d say.



KNU wa Osuki Desuka?” and “START!” by KNU
“Ginga Joujou Monogatari / Burn The Fire!! / Natural Born Idol” – Up Up Girls (Kari)

Of the stuff I didn’t talk about, KNU are pretty interesting I guess although probably not for everyone. Up Up Girls bring yet another solid single to the table, although a triple a-side really is just a step too far. Still, I would definitely recommend checking it out. Apart from that, have fun with the AKB election at the weekend and I’ll see you all back here next Monday.

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