This Week in Music 05.15.2013

I wasn’t entirely sure how to approach writing the column this week. There isn’t really a “major” release that I can piggyback off of to promote some of the less well known stuff coming out. Which is what usually ends up happening. In the end I just decided to forge ahead regardless. If you want to join me on this adventure, feel free to keep reading.


ANNA☆S – “Su and You


We’ll start off this week with indie group ANNA☆S so make sure you have your hipster glasses at the ready. Now I don’t claim to know a whole lot about this group because I only ever really see them on internet streams as part of larger idol concerts. What I have heard music-wise has been pretty hit or miss but their new single “Su and You” is rather enjoyable. The song doesn’t really demand your attention at first but after a couple of listens the hooks are there. Sure it’s not going to set the singles chart alight but what it may lack in terms of mainstream appeal it more than makes up for in charm.


Dream5 – “Hop! Step! Dance


Next up we have Dream5 who you may have heard of simply because they’re one of the few idol groups that features a male member. Now that we’ve scared off all of the purists, let’s take a look at the song. My initial thoughts are that the instrumentals are somewhat overbearing and almost drown out the vocals in places. I get that it’s probably what they were going for in some respect but I think it could probably be dialed down a touch. The vocals themselves are great, Dream5 have two really distinct vocalists in their ranks and they play off of each other really well. If you enjoy fun sounding pop songs then this might be worth checking out.


Fudanjuku – “Shita wo Muite Kaerou / Rikishi-Man


Last up this week we have Fudanjuku who, despite outwards appearances are actually a female idol group. Their gimmick is just that they cross-dress as guys, which is a pretty reasonable way to gain exposure I suppose. Now you’re probably looking at this group and drawing all kinds of conclusions about their musical stylings, and I can’t blame you. I was the same way until I actually listened to their music. It will surprise you I’m sure to learn that their music is very poppy and they don’t sing with terrible fake male voices. Sure it’s not sugary sweet idol pop but if you’re into the slightly more mature end of the idol music spectrum then I’m sure you’ll find a lot of things to enjoy here.



“Jewel Box” by Dokumo Cafe Ongakubu
“Juliet -Kimi Wo Sukina Hyaku No Riyuu- (2013 Version)” by Houkago Princess
Parade” by Lyrical School
“Houkago!Mune Kyun Star” by Shooting Star Girls

Well there you have it. There might not be a big name release this week but hopefully I’ve shown you some cool stuff to check out anyway. Why not leave a comment and let me know what you enjoyed the most out of this week’s selection. I’m interested to hear if anything caught your attention.

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