This Week in Music 05.09.2012

Another Monday means another installment of “This Week in Music” here on New School Kaidan. We don’t have a lot of releases to talk about this week but what we do have is pretty important so I guess things balance themselves out in the end.

Before we get into that though, I’d just like to note that unless some kind of miracle happens today, Nogizaka46 will have defeated Sashihara Rino in first week sales with their single “Oide Shampoo”. I’m sure an inquest into this will be forthcoming with fans (mainly 2ch) already speculating that people didn’t buy into the supposed “rivalry” enough and that the promotions for both singles benefited Nogizaka much more than Sashihara. Both pretty valid views that as someone who doesn’t particularly care for “Oide Shampoo” I can get behind. Whatever the case, I’m disappointed for obvious reasons and hope that Nogizaka stop picking on AKB solo artists and try to actually outsell one of the main 48 groups next (possibly HKT48?).

On a more positive note, read on after the break where I talk about some new music.

NMB48 – “Nagiichi”

This week’s lone release is NMB48’s 4th single “Nagiichi” or “Nagisa de ichiban kawaii GIRL!!!” (The Cutest GIRL on the Beach!!!) if we want the full meaning. I guess all of the other idol groups just didn’t want to compete this week. No matter, NMB give you plenty of sets of back problems to look at and hey the song isn’t that bad either. “Nagiichi” is your typical summer idol song; it’s catchy and gets you in the mood for summertime. I don’t really do hot weather too well though so the b-sides are where I’m looking for my breath of fresh air and we sorta get it but it has a faintly familiar feel to it. Shirogumi’s “Saigo no Catharsis” is the more sombre and serious side of the coin with an almost “Beginner”-esque PV at times while Akagumi’s “Boku ga Mou Sukoshi Daitan nara” is a song about trying to confess to the person you like (with a Kimi no Senaka” feel). Then we have “Warukii” from the single’s Theater Edition where Watanabe Miyuki is singing about getting guys with big muscles to carry her bags. In summary, even if you’re not too interested in “Nagiichi”, the b-sides should have more than enough on offer to keep you interested.


That’s it this week folks. Check back again next week for even more summer fun, this time with SKE48 bringing the party.


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