This week in music 04.09.2014

This week’s featured releases come from Party Rockets and Up Up Girls (Kari).


Party Rockets – “Let’s Go!!


The group responsible for our first featured release of this week have had a rather…turbulent journey to get to where they are right now. Its been a rough beginning for Party Rockets, losing members to other groups (Aither and Super Girls) for one reason or another and struggling to find their footing as a result. “Let’s Go!!” is illustrative of that, being a pretty okay song but just lacking that x-factor that would really push it over the top. There’s potential there and I think given time and a more stable line-up, Party Rockets could come good in the end.


Up Up Girls (Kari) – “(Kari) wa Kaesuze Be your Soul / Party! Party! / Jumper!”


Unfortunately Up Up Girls have been a bit slow out of the gate when it comes to releasing a PV for their new triple a-side single. That means you guys don’t get anything to watch right now but you can pick up the digital version of the single on iTunes right now if you want to go do that. I did that so I can tell you that the leading a-side has lyrics from Oomori Seiko and is probably the best song on the release. That’s not to say that the other songs on offer aren’t good in their own right but they’re not as unique or memorable as only a song with Oomori Seiko involved can be. Definitely my top pick this week.



“4 / 4 Yon Bun No Yon” by AELL
High Jump” by Lovely Doll
“Best Of Predia 2010-2013 -Reception -” by Predia
Susume! Freshman” by Tokyo Cheer2 Party
Lucky Ducky!!” by YuiKaori

Other stuff I like this week…would be…Predia’s best of album because they’re pretty cool and you guys should probably check out their music one of these days. No excuses now. Also, Tokyo Cheer2 Party’s “Susume Freshman” because I get that punk rock vibe from it and I love me some punk music. The other stuff is pretty neat too but those two are my personal picks.

If you missed any of the last few weeks’ worth of new music you can check out past editions of This Week in Music here.

What new music are you looking forward to this week? Leave a comment and let us know!

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