This Week in Music 04.04.2012

It’s the start of April aka slow release month here in the idol world. Although the offerings are rather depleted this month there are still a modest number of releases for me to talk about in this column. After the crazy rush of releases at the beginning of the year I think a nice quiet month where we can take a breather might be just what the doctor ordered. If you don’t share those sentiments then hopefully you’ll manage to tough it out for the next few weeks until we hit May and the AKS juggernaut revs back to life and starts churning out the hits once more.

I don’t really have anything else to say for the intro this week so read on after the break and I’ll talk about this week’s lone release for a bit.

Fairies – “Beat Generation / No More Distance”

Everyone be sure to thank Fairies for there even being a “This Week in Music” this week because without them I’d have no new releases to write about. “Beat Generation / No More Distance” is Fairies’ third double a-side single release since they debuted last year and it’s very much more of the same from the group. “Beat Generation” leans heavily on Kpop both in musical composition and vocal delivery, even the PV is very reminiscent of the kind of PVs you see from Kpop artists. This isn’t a bad thing but I do feel it makes it harder to define them given their billing as an idol group but at the same time not really acting like one. “No More Distance” is a more low key affair and this time draws more from Jpop with regards to the way the song is sung and arranged. Overall I feel that both songs are very well put together and that as a package they somehow compliment each other rather well. Fans of Kpop might be into what “Beat Generation” brings to the table while fans of more ballad focused Jpop will likely find something to enjoy in “No More Distance”. While your definition of Fairies may vary, they certainly do try to offer something for everyone. Even if they weren’t the only release this week I’d still recommend checking them out.


Sorry guys but that’s it for this week, sad but true. Come back next week because BiS have something new out and I’ll talk a bit about Dubstep Musume’s new single “Renai Hunter”. Since there isn’t much to talk about this week, why don’t you leave a comment and let us know what you’re looking forward to this month or if you’re just waiting for the slew of AKS releases coming in May. With that said, we’ll see you next Monday for another edition of “This Week in Music” here on New School Kaidan.


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