This Week in Music 03.27.2013

When I’m not angering the fanbases of popular idol groups, I also write this column. Here I give you the rundown on what new idol music is hitting store shelves this week as well as an opinion or two of my own just to make things a bit more interesting. Let’s take a look at what this week has in store for us.


Babyraids – “JUMP


Our first release this week comes from up and comers Babyraids. “JUMP” is the group’s third single, and after having been pretty underwhelmed with their last offering I have to say that this is marked improvement. “JUMP” features a very pop punk influenced instrumental and vocal composition and the results are rather infectious. I’m still not entirely sure if they’ve figured out what sort of musical direction they want for the group but I’d like to put my vote in for more of this please. If you like your idol music upbeat and with some catchy hooks then I think you might enjoy this one.


PASSPO☆ – “Passpo☆ BEST 1” & “Passpo☆ BEST 2”


These week’s other featured release…err releases come from PASSPO☆ who are putting out two “Best of” albums. When I first heard that this was going to happen, my first thought was “Why?”. The group has only just released their third album “One World” in the past six months and many of the songs from said album appear here too. In fact outside of a couple of indie-era songs and an unreleased track here or there, the majority of these can be had from the group’s last two albums. That’s not to say that the selection of songs on offer isn’t stellar but there’s very little incentive for long-term fans of the group to pick up these albums. On the other hand, if you’re only just getting into PASSPO☆ then you can’t really ask for a better starting point.



“Buzzword” by Himekyun Fruit Can
Yumemiru Dancing Doll” by M Three

Of the week’s other releases, I honestly can’t tell you anything about Himekyun Fruit Can’s “Buzzword” because I haven’t even heard it yet. They’re normally good for a catchy number though so if you’re feeling adventurous it’s probably worth seeking out. As for M Three, they’re that Fairies sub-unit that dress in 80s attire (or as dudes, depending on which version of the PV you saw) and they’re pretty decent. If you’re into Fairies then you’ll probably enjoy what’s on offer there.

Let me know what you’re stoked for this week in the comments and also let me know if you checked out something you hadn’t planned on and ended up digging it.

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