This Week in Music 03.20.2013

Thanks in part to adopting a horrible sleep schedule that involves various 2-3 hours naps throughout the day and/or night, I’m pushing the deadline on this article pretty close to the wire. But hey, at least I’m here right? Let’s get into this week’s new releases.


HKT48 – “Suki! Suki! Skip!


Starting things off this week we have HKT48 and their long awaited debut single “Suki! Suki! Skip!”. See what they did there with that title? Anyway, the a-side is really catchy which is a plus because with debut singles you really do need something to latch onto. Didn’t particularly care for the cringe-worthy Tsunku style vocals they threw in there (also fuck all of you saying they’re fine in this song but not in Hello!Project songs, it’s the exact same shit) so a bit of the shine was taken off but not too much. The b-sides were fairly average apart from “Onegai Valentine” which probably could have been the a-side in another life. Overall I think this is a very solid debut but it hasn’t really left me impatient for more.


S/mileage – “Tabidachi No Haru Ga Kita


This week’s other featured single is from S/mileage and sees the continuation of Hello!Project’s current synth driven pop trend. That’s probably enough for most of you to dismiss this outright but the auto-tune (among other things) that I see a lot of you hating on isn’t very prevalent in the song at all. The way some of the vocals are delivered is pretty…..different but the song is really enjoyable and has enough of a hook to justify more than a couple of plays. I’m not the least bit invested in S/mileage but I think this is one of their better, if not best singles since 2011’s line-up change. I’d even go as far as to say that I liked it more than this week’s offering from HKT so maybe this out?



Gyutto Star!” by Doll Elements
R.O.D. / Sekaijuu Ni I Love You” by Rhymeberry

So there you have it. Both HKT and S/mileage are worth looking into this week, not that I have to tell that to any of the AKS or Hello!Project Kool-Aid drinkers out there. Of the other stuff coming out, Doll Elements are pretty standard idol fare so if you love that type of thing then get in on that and if you haven’t heard of Rhymeberry yet you should check them out just for the novelty of them being an idol rap group.

Let us know what you’re checking out this week and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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