This Week in Music 02.29.2012

We’re back with another “This Week in Music” here on NSK. Unfortunately for us this week is rather lacking in releases, so this post will be quite brief. However, if you would indulge me I would like to just take a few sentences to talk about how Nogizaka46’s debut single “Guru Guru Curtain” performed last week on the charts (without going into too much detail because there will be an All Night NSK where this subject also comes up).

Well, like we all predicted Nogizaka46 didn’t sell anywhere near AKB48’s level of sales. They also didn’t sell anywhere near SKE48’s level of sales…….or NMB48’s level of sales. This is the point where I’d love to say that they sold something outrageous like 2 million copies but alas that was not to be. For now Nogizaka46 have to be content with sales numbers at the lower end of 100k (they’re at about 126k at the time of writing this). Many will say that this level of sales is a failure and while I’m disappointed that it wasn’t nearer the 200k mark, you all have to remember that this is a debut single from what is essentially a non-48 family idol group (we could argue technicalities all day long on that point). A very solid start which should hopefully stand them in good stead for the rest of the year.

That’s the abridged version of my thoughts on Nogizaka46’s first week. Look for the All Night NSK podcast that we’ll be recording and releasing soon where we’ll be going more in-depth with our thoughts and impressions on various aspects of the group as well as where we see them going from here.

Read on after the break for my usual summary of the idol music releases that are hitting store shelves this week.

Watanabe Mayu – “Synchro Tokimeki”

This week Watanabe Mayu joins the AKB48 soloist club with her single “Synchro Tokimeki”. The song and one of its many b-sides “Saba no Kanzume” serve as the opening and ending themes for her drama “Sabadol” which is currently airing in Japan. Those familiar with Watanabe’s work with Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 should know what to expect coming into this release. “Synchro Tokimeki” is a song in a similar style to much of Watarirouka’s catalog of releases in that it’s a bright and bubbly pop song that’s pleasing to the ears. However the song does feel like it badly misses that hook which would make it that much better than it already is. Watarirouka fans will love this release because it is essentially more of the same, however if you’re not that big of a fan of Watarirouka’s sound then you might not find too much here that’s to your liking. Still, there’s nothing else coming out this week so why not check this release out.


Well, there we have it folks. I said this week was lacking when it came to releases and I wasn’t joking. Don’t worry though because next week more than makes up for it with releases from BABYMETAL, Momoiro Clover Z, PASSPO☆, SDN48 and Tokyo Girls’ Style. Please do leave a comment and let us know what you thought of Mayu’s single though along with any ideas of what we can do when we hit another dry week.

Apart from that, see you same time and same place next week for another “This Week in Music”.


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