This Week in Music 02.20.2013

So this week is AKB week and pretty much everyone is going to be focusing on that particular release. If however, you want to know what else is coming out this week then you’ve come to the right place!


AKB48 – “So Long!


Let’s get this one out of the way quick. AKB48′s latest single sees them regress back to 2011 with yet another run of the mill slow ballad for their spring single. We thought they were trying to break the mold with “Give Me Five!” but I guess that was just an exception to the rule. As an “older fan” (yeah, I’m going there) I’m just left feeling frustrated over the very rigid formula that has been in place for the past three, going on four years. It just doesn’t feel like there’s much effort with the music on most AKB releases these days and as long as everyone keeps buying seven hundred thousand copies just for handshake tickets, there doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking for the silver lining, the Undergirls and Team A b-sides are both quite good but that’s about all I can take away from this. I’m done here so let’s move on.


Dorothy Little Happy – “Life Goes On


Now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s talk about some Dorothy Little Happy. This week they’re releasing their third album which is titled “Life Goes On” and if ever there was a time to check this group out, now would be it. The album features the group’s three Avex singles (“Happy Days!”, “Tobidase! Summer Time” and “Kaze yo Hayaku”) as well as their cover of Brand-new Idol Society’s “nerve” and a bunch of other stuff that you can look up for yourself. We’ve talked about Dorothy Little Happy a bit on podcasts and such but no one’s ever really tried to sell them that hard. Well, I’m telling you that this group is great and that you could do a lot worse than checking out this album so go do that this week.


SUPER☆GiRLS – “Celebration


The last release that I’m going to talk about this week comes from SUPER☆GiRLS. “Celebration” is the title track of their new album and compared to some of their more recent releases, this song is actually quite good. Unfortunately it’s kinda hard to tell how good the song is from that super low quality (seriously, what the fuck?) audio they used for the Youtube video. However, as long as the album version doesn’t sound as bad as that then I think they’re doing okay. As far as the album goes, it features the past year or so of SUPER☆GiRLS’s musical output as well as a few extras so if you want to catch up then here’s everything in one neat package.



“Sayonara No Kawari Ni 2013 / Koakuma Rundesu” by Oha Girl Chu!Chu!Chu!
Mousou Koukan Nikki” by Otome Shinto
Panpina!” by Prizmmy☆
Respestokyo / Straight Up!” by Up Up Girls (Kari)

So yeah, give that Dorothy Little Happy album a listen and check out SUPER☆GiRLS if you have the time. Of the stuff that I didn’t talk about, Prizmmy☆ and Up Up Girls (Kari) are pretty interesting in their output while Oha Girl Chu!Chu!Chu! and Otome Shinto are both fairly unknown quantities as far as I’m concerned so you’ll have to look into them on your own.

Let me know what you think of this week’s new music down in the comment section.

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