This Week in Music 02.13.2013

I tried coming up with an interesting introduction for this post but in the end I gave up. This week is a pretty varied selection as far as releases go but there’s a bunch of Sakura inspired and love themed songs doing the rounds. Not my favorite time of year for new music from the J-pop scene but I’ll make do with what I can get. Let’s get right into it shall we?


Idoling!!! – “Sakura Thank You


We’re starting things off this week with Idoling!!! and their new single “Sakura Thank You”. So, when doing my research for this post I did what any normal person would and judged a book by its cover. I read the title of the single, saw the covers and thought (incorrectly as it turns out) “slow ballad”. Now, there’s some ballad elements in here but the instrumentals and melody are actually really catchy which was unexpected. There’s some energy to the song that I honestly wasn’t expecting and overall its just really enjoyable to listen to, so this is probably the surprise of the week for me. Highly recommend that you check this one out.


Negicco – “Ai no Tower of Love


Negicco make their debut in my column this week with their newest single “Ai no Tower of Love”. Now, I’m not going to claim to be any sort of expert or super fan of Negicco but I’ve given their “Best of” album a spin and I liked what I heard for the most part. “Ai no Tower of Love” is an interesting mix of EDM instrumentals and low-key vocals which make the song almost haunting in places. There are brief glimpses of the more traditional idol sound that we’re all familiar with but the moments are fleeting. If you’re into a more mature idol sound then this release would be something worth looking into.


PASSPO☆ – “Sakura Komachi


PASSPO☆ are also getting in on the Sakura action this week with new single “Sakura Komachi”. It appears that things have returned to some semblance of normality after much of last year saw the group present their take on various genres of rock music. That’s not to say that those elements aren’t present in “Sakura Komachi” but they’re much more subdued this time. While I don’t particularly like this song as much as some of their more recent outings, it’s still really enjoyable and the chorus has a nice hook. It’s also not a slow ballad which is a huge plus.



Shoujo Sotsugyou / Yozora” by Idol College
“To.Ki.Do.Ki Fumikiri” by Station♪
Ichigo Hakase” by Tochiotome25
“Kimi To Deaete Yokatta!” by YGA

Okay, so apart from checking out Idoling!!!, Negicco and PASSPO☆ this week’s homework also includes Idol College and Tochiotome25 who both have some pretty interesting new singles as well as discographies. I’d also mention Station♪ and YGA but I couldn’t find long enough previews of their new singles to give an opinion that would mean much of anything.

Let me know what you think of this week’s new music down in the comment section.

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