This week in music 02.11.2015

This week’s featured releases come from Afilia Saga, Bitter & Sweet and Doll☆Neo.


Afilia Saga – “Never Say Never


Everyone likes anime right? Well Afilia Saga sure like anime, in fact they’ve made a bit of a career out of providing all manner of promotional services for various anime. Typically this involves providing a song, like we see here with “Never Say Never”. It’s the opening theme for the Isuca anime which apparently started airing on the 23rd of January. I have no idea what the anime is about but I’m assuming it must be an action anime because this single packs a bit more of a punch than your typical anime song. I wanted to end this part with a clever “never say never” related joke but I got nothing, so let’s move on.


Bitter & Sweet – “Renai Wars / Koi Gokoro


Bitter & Sweet are the perfect example of creating something great from a…so-so situation. Tasaki Asahi won a singing contest that launched her solo career. That career didn’t go as well as most would have hoped so some absolute genius made the call to pair her up with Hasegawa Moemi and thus Bitter & Sweet were born. Their third single is a nostalgic affair for the old farts among us, back to a time where teenage love was actually a thing and you didn’t have to worry about actual responsibilities. I have to admit though, I’m pretty jealous of the lucky guy that they’re fighting over…until one of them goes complete psycho and murders me anyway.


DollNeo – “Chocolat☆Romantic


Doll Elements are pretty good, right? NEO from Idoling!!! also have some pretty decent tunes too, right? When you hear that these two groups are collaborating on a song then there’s some degree of expectation. I think that’s the main problem with idol collaborations. They add an unneeded level of expectation because the typical thought is “These groups are both awesome, so the song they’re doing is going to be twice as awesome!”. Then we get a situation like this where we’re presented with a decidedly middle of the road song and everyone just feels unjustifiably let down. Collaborations are pretty hit or miss, sadly it seems to be more miss than hit lately.



Kiss Me Happy” by AngeReve
Hana no Arch / Brand Boy” by Chu-Z
Battery” by Cupitron
“Dream5 ~5th Anniversary~ Single Collection” by Dream5
Koi no BRKN” by Himekyun Fruit Can
Tokimeki SparkingPapimache
Namonai Oto” by Mirai Skirt

Yeah, the writing here is pretty terrible. Oh well, as you can see there’s a ton of stuff coming out this week. Out of everything I didn’t…whatever the above is, I rather like the offerings from Chu-Z and Mirai Skirt. “Brand Boy” by Chu-Z has that smooth jazz influence and “Namonai Oto” by Mirai Skirt is just some uptempo fun. The next month or so has a raft of new releases so make sure you keep coming back every Monday. I promise the writing will be better next week.

If you missed any of the last few weeks’ worth of new music you can check out past editions of This Week in Music here.

What new music are you looking forward to this week? Leave a comment and let us know!

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