This Week in Music 02.06.2013

I’m writing this super early this week because I’m going to be burning most of my Sunday on Super Bowl related activities. As such, I’m going to prematurely congratulate SKE48 on another 500k selling single and hope that they don’t run out of steam in the last few days. Please don’t make me look like an idiot girls.

Anyway, I need to get this thing done so let’s not waste any time here and jump right in.


C-ute – “Kono Machi


We’re kicking things off this week with Hello!Project idol group C-ute and their new single “Kono Machi”. I just want to let it be known that I fucking hate February for new releases because we always get so many incredibly uninteresting slow ballads. Sadly that’s also the case here and I’m struggling to say anything positive about this release. I’m just not the slow ballad kind of guy, even though I’m sure the song has various musical merits it’s just really not for me. If you’re a huge C-ute wota or really enjoy this kind of music then this is for you. Otherwise just stay well clear.


Kashiwagi Yuki – “Shortcake


Speaking of incredibly uninteresting slow ballads, this week also sees the release of AKB48 member Kashiwagi Yuki’s debut solo single. I’m not entirely sure why they went with “Shortcake” for the title but I’m sure there must be a great reason behind it. Anyway, again I’m really not digging this. Sure the song suits Kashiwagi’s voice but it’s so safe that I just struggle to get excited. They could have put pretty much any other idol with a decent singing voice in here and I doubt it would sound that much different. I just don’t really feel like Kashiwagi puts her stamp on the song and the release suffers for it.


Mano Erina – Best Friends


Last up this week we have Hello!Project soloist Mano Erina and her “Best of” album which is titled “Best Friends”. See what they did there? Anyway, the album features all 14 of Mano’s major label singles (there’s a double a-side in there before anyone tries to get me with that) as well as 2 new songs and a bonus track. I’ve always found Mano’s singles to be pretty hit or miss but I think it’s really nice that they’re putting them all together in one package like this. If you’ve ever wanted to get into Mano Erina’s music then now would be a good time because you can get her entire Hello!Project discography on one CD. No one is quite sure what lies ahead for Mano Erina but this is a very fitting way to close this particular chapter of her career.



Come On! / Doremifasorairo” by Dream5
Bitter Choco Valentine” by Lovely Doll
Colorful” by 9nine

Not gonna lie, it kinda sucks that I have to use Dailymotion for some of these PVs. Record labels do actually upload them to Youtube but for some reason or another they choose to region lock them. It’s a shame really because I’m sure they’d get a lot more exposure if everyone could see them. Anyway, let me know what you’re looking forward to this week and if anything new caught your eye in the “Also This Week” section. I’m interested to see if i can actually turn people on to new groups or not.

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One comment

  1. I like slower ballads, not to the point of liking any kind though. I’m kind of a stickler with them. To me it needs to be carried by the vocals or instrumentals, preferably both. If both of those are average it’s just a boring song.

    That’s what happens to “Shortcake” imo. I’m not saying Kashiwagi is a bad singer before anyone rips my head off. She has great technique and her voice is quite pleasing. What she lacks though is that special quality of exceptional range and projection. If you combine her technique with Masuda Yuka’s voice it’d make the perfect singer. The instrumentals are also very bland. Not bad mind you just average to the point of fading away after listening.

    Kono Machi is a better put together song overall imo. But that should be expected since it’s a cover. It’s easy to make a song sound good when all you have to do is not screw up someone else’s work. Not to mention the fact there are 5 people singing the song which makes up for the vocals. Having said that they did do a good job. The harmony between their voices is very good and they slowed the tempo of the original song without losing what made the instrumentals interesting. After listening to the original I have to say I even like their version better.

    It’s easier to make a slower tempo song good by the instrumentals rather than the vocals imo. If you want to be carried by the vocals you need special skill, the instrumentals on the other hand only need to be a bit interesting.

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