This Week in Music 01.16.2013

Last week was a bit of a stinker (the post was also a day late) and for that I apologize. I’m over the flu now so hopefully things will go a bit more smoothly this time. We have a ton of stuff to talk about this week so I’m just gonna get right into this. Read on after the break for all of this week’s new releases. – “W.W.D / Fuyu eto Hashiridasuo!


We’re kicking things off with and their double a-side release “W.W.D / Fuyu eto Hashiridasuo!”. Most of you probably aren’t that familiar with so the easiest way to describe them is that they read from a very similar song sheet to Momoiro Clover Z and groups of that ilk. By that I mean that their sound is pretty schizophrenic while still somehow being a coherent listening experience. While that may be true in the case of “W.W.D”, “Fuyu eto Hashiridasuo!” is a much more mellow song which creates a nice contrast between the two. It might be a bit difficult for you to get into initially but if you put the effort in, there’s a pretty cool idol group just waiting to be discovered.


Kikkawa Yuu – “Sekaijuu Ni Kimi Ha Hitori Dake / Valentine`s Radio / Chocolate Damashii”


Kikkawa Yuu, You, whatever is up next with her brand new triple a-side single, the title of which you can read up there because I’m sure as hell not typing all of that out again. I’m not really sure what possessed them to make this a triple a-side but it happened so I guess we’ll just have to live with it. The two songs that I’ve heard so far are fairly typical Kikkawa songs although slightly less electronic sounding than her past couple of singles. If you’re into nice mid-tempo pop songs then these should be right up your alley. At this point I’d perhaps like for them to experiment a bit more with Kikkawa’s sound and try some new styles but the singles she puts out are really solid so it’s hard to complain too much.


No Sleeves – “Kirigirisu Jin


No Sleeves are providing your AKS fix this week with their new single “Kirigirisu Jin”. Over a year in the making, this single had a lot of hype to live up to and I’d say they more than met it on this one. This just feels like a huge song, mostly down to the fantastic use of fanfares throughout which help to create the feeling of grandness that this single possesses. No Sleeves have been kinda hit and miss for me when it comes to their singles but I’m really digging this one. The b-side that comes with this single is also pretty great, it’s called “I~njya ne” and is also well worth checking out.


Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – “Ume


If you want even more of that Momoiro Clover Z style music then their little sister group Ebichu have just the single for you. “Ume” is a significant improvement on their last single which granted was an anime tie-in (for a Rock Lee anime of all things) but still, this is a lot better. Maybe this one is a bit too similar to Momoiro Clover for some people because I definitely got that vibe when listening to the song but it’s hard not to enjoy it. Ebichu feature pretty heavily on my end of year list (which you’ll hear all about once we can co-ordinate the recording of those shows) so maybe check them out if that sways you in any way?


Tasaki Asahi – “Tegami / Rolling Days”


The last release that I’m going to be talking about this week comes from Up-Front Promotion’s (not that they do much of that) newest solo artist Tasaki Asahi. Making her debut under the Satoyama Movement with a double a-side single, Tasaki Asahi looks to be another example of the good that comes from not being under the Hello!Project umbrella. “Tegami” is the only song I’ve heard from this release but it’s a really nice piano driven balled, which coming from the guy who hates slow, ballady songs should say a lot. I have pretty high hopes for this girl going forward, she seems to have a ton of talent and hopefully she continues to get great songs to perform.



Locodol No Zutto Zutto” by Locodol Daisakusen Team Haikarasan
Mousou Shoujo Mary” by Mary Angel


I think that went a bit better than last week, let me know what you think. Apart from that, see you all same time and place next week.

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