The Year of the AKB48

At this moment, Japan loves AKB48. I don’t know why, but Japan also loves ‘Yahoo!’. It houses the largest Japanese online auction, and is apparently the most used search engine.

If the title, the first two sentences, and the photo of this article didn’t tip you off already, AKB48 took the #1 spot as the most searched word on the ‘Yahoo!’ search engine! Arashi held the #1 spot last year and now places 2nd, and a flurry of AKB members occupy a good number of positions on this year’s list.

AKB48 ranked 1st on image search as well, with Maeda Atsuko, Oshima Yuko, Shinoda Mariko, and Itano Tomomi also ranked in the top 20. AKB also ranked 3rd on most searched videos, with Majisuka Gakuen and AKBingo also ranking in the top 20. Neat ain’t it?

Read the full list on UnleashTheGeek!

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  1. I guess I got into AKB fandom at the right time… right when they were on their rise to the top! Congrats to the girls.

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