The Whole of SDN48 is Graduating?

It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting to see headlining when I woke up this morning. It looks like SDN48 is the first 48 group to disband, and it does so in a startlingly up-front manner. All the members of SDN will be graduating at once after their graduation concert on March 31st 2012, effectively ending the group. Does this sound fishy to you?

The fact that the graduation is taking place the day before April 1st(aka April Fools) is suspicious enough. In addition, they specifically say “The first chapter of SDN will conclude its role”, and “Though all of us will go on a new stage to fulfill our own dreams, please continue to support us”, which sound just cryptic enough to mean a symbolic graduation and maybe a group “reborn”. But at this point I sound like a crackpot conspiracy theorist with a lazy eye, so I’ll lay off on the wild predictions. Since it’s just an english translation, it’s not worth it to dissect with confidence. It’s just that you never know with Akimoto and his wild stunts.

SDN48 has been selling an average of 70k copies which does make it the lowest selling 48 group, but if you put it into perspective, it’s still significantly more than all the other idol groups that peak at 30-40k. It’s definitely devastating for hardcore SDN48 fans, and those who have just started to get into the group. Let’s at least hope that the time and resource will be placed into the remaining 48 groups, preferably those in Japan.


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  1. How……..interesting. The wording of the press release is incredibly suspect with the mention of it being the end of the first chapter of SDN. I mean, just let the theories fly at this point right?

    Man that Aki-P, what does he have up his sleeve this time?

  2. I can’t say I’m really surprised. They shook up the idol world by not fitting the mold in a very stubborn, immutable culture, and thus weren’t too successful.

    Annoyed, maybe. Surprised? Not in the least.

  3. my mind is kinda blown right now, but thank god i did not get into SDN…. >.<

  4. It would be so funny if it was just a big April Fools joke. But this does sound all very sudden.

  5. Man this news is just bizzare, is it some elaborate April fools joke, or perhaps some way of annoncing the ‘new’ SDN?,,,,

    who knows, Aki-P has been know to have his moments, though he is also a man to quit on projects he thinks are not really working…

  6. Just thought, wonder if perhaps this could mean a mass graduation from AKB at some point…. panicmogering anyone?

  7. Like Dae wrote, 70k average per release is better than many well known idol and non-idol acts sell. I’m not sure why this move is needed. It also provided an outlet for Aki-P to transfer older girls to if they wanted to continue their performance career after they graduated from the other groups. It will be interesting to hear more about this as time goes on.

  8. Quite honestly, they haven’t been selling as well because of an extreme lack of push. Where are the TV appearances? The shows? The CMs? They should have pushed them because I’m sure many fans would have loved to have seen Noro Kayo and Ohori Megumi again.

    I know I love it. : ( I don’t know what Akimoto is doing, honestly. I doubt JKT or TPE would sell more than SDN.

  9. This was EXTREMELY shocking to me when i saw this tweet. Really hope this is a April fools joke. It’s sad seeing people graduate, especially if it’s a whole group.. I’m still sad about Ai-chan graduating T~T.

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