The way of the Wota

The Wota culture is something that most casual fans of Idol groups don’t usually know about. They are the driving force of  an Idol group and its usually up to the wotas to see if their favorite Idol group sinks or swims in the music industry. If you people ever watch a live concert of AKB or Morning Musume, you might be hearing loud Japanese men screaming out their favorite member’s name while wearing their favorite members colors (see picture above) and waving glowsticks around. Thats a wota.

Now more of a detailed summary of what a wota is thanks to wikipedia-

“Wotagei or otagei (ヲタ芸 or オタ芸?) refers to a type of dancing and cheering gestures performed by wota, fans of Japanese idol singers (and thus seen as Akiba-kei), involving jumping, clapping, arm-waving and chanting slogans. Wotagei is performed at concerts, or at events such as anime and manga conventions and meetings of idol fan groups, and it is thought to have developed from the ōendan, organised cheering squads common at sporting events in Japan. Wotagei is particularly associated with fans of Hello! Project and AKB48 idols, as well as fans of anime seiyū (voice actresses), who often perform theme songs for the series in which they appear.”

Want to learn more about wotas? Follow the jump.

Now it isn’t a secret to most H!P fans that the sole driving force behind the fandom for most H!P groups are mostly compose of Wotas. H!P really isn’t bring in the new fans and appealing to the kids as they use to be back in the day, so it is mostly wotas who are driving Concert sales and CD/Single sales. Its common for one wota to buy over 100 copies of a new Morning Musume single just to show their devotion to said group in hopes they will chart well on the Oricon Charts.

this is usually what you would see if you went over to a wota's house

To drive revenue, Most Music Label companies sell Photosets/Photobooks of Idol members. It is just another way for wotas to show their devotion to their favorite Idol Member/group. The picture above is actually a small collection compared to most wotas. Also Fans,Micro Towels, Armbands and wrist bands  are common stuff you would see in a wota’s collection.

Now for the dancing moves that Wotas perform at concerts. Most songs have a choreography that wotas have came up with that follow a series of moves known in the wota community. They are pretty simple moves that match the tempo of the song at hand. Watch this video to learn the moves and at the end of the video watch how wotas demonstrate all the moves put together to Fujimoto Miki’s Romantic Ukare mode

Those are just the basics of what goes into becoming a wota. I will be making a follow up Post later with some videos that I think most of you will enjoy, but for now I leave you with this~

(oh hey I think I see David in that crowd :p)

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