The Way Majisuka Should Have Ended

There’s no doubt in my mind that Gekikara is the toughest girl at Majisuka. She never got knocked out. She even got back up immediately, after Maeda’s finishing blow. Technically she never lost to Maeda. She got gang jumped by Maeda, the Kabuki Sisters, and Gakuran.

Majisuka should have ended with something like this. Maeda gets beat by Gekikara. Rappappa owns the school. Yuko and Sado graduate and Gekikara becomes the new Principal. But of course, the writers had write in the happy ending, not the believable one. So let me ask you this….

Was it believable at the end when all of a sudden Gekikara was just all happy, supportive, and clean cut at the graduation? All of a sudden her character is the usual lovable personality we see normally in Matsui Rena?

Nope. Poor choice for an ending.

It should have ended with Matsui Rena on top,

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