The Newly Opened ‘Not Yet’ Store is Shiny

Not Yet’s official online store is open and ready for your money!

The swag is pretty basic at the moment: shirts, towels, charms, and a clear-file; but it’s enough to get me excited, especially the t-shirts. It’s simple, sports a contemporary graphic, and they’re all printed with metallic ink that appeals to the aesthetic hipster in me.

The blue shirt with the pink metallic ink is the clear winner for me. It also has a slightly different graphic than the other two:

Shiny and awesome, yes?

I wouldn’t mind turning the charm into a key chain either. But that beautiful blue shirt is making me contemplate whether I should bite the bullet and wade into the horrifyingly expensive world of deputy services. Would you bite on any of these?


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  1. What’s up with them shafting Yokoyama Yui on their website? She is the only member without a link on there.

    • Those links are managed by the girl’s agency, Ohta Pro. Yui’s agency is still AKS, although there was much speculation that she would join Ohta Pro when Not Yet was formed.

  2. Not exactly a huge fan of Not Yet, I just want my no3b t-shirts instead >.<

  3. I’m a fan of contemporary design and each shirt has a nice simple graphic, but the only real good choice of color is blue. I say wait it out for better shirts down the line, but you should definitely get those charms.

  4. The blue shirt is by far and away the best of the bunch but that’s not really saying too much. Hopefully we get something better in the future.

    The charms do look nice though.

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