The Million Flying Get

So, the impossible happened today—something even hardcore fans didn’t predict with this single, and something I had written off as incredibly idealistic. And yet, there the number is, staring right back at me: 1,025,952.

‘Flying Get’ has sold over a million copies on its opening day. What a ridiculous feat. I don’t want to go through all the “I remember back when…” talk, but it’s just been a pleasure seeing this group grow in every sense. Sales, members, singles, concerts, stages, everything. AKB wasn’t an overnight sensation, and they weren’t an easy sell. It was a slow, gradual climb, and one against huge obstacles.

To undercut or downplay this feat because they only see this as the status quo or are tired of hearing about AKB is a little short-sighted. I believe that their success story played a large part in the creation and growth of many new and now-successful idol groups and smaller growing groups.

That if something as big as AKB was built from a tiny theater, it’s possible for them as well. The idol market is now thriving, with their own loyal fanbases and their own appeals, alongside AKB. There’s never been a more compelling and dynamic time to be an idol fan.

Oh yes, and congratulations once again on selling a million copies on the first day, AKB! And perhaps more importantly, I got my pizza from Tron.  YUM.


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  1. Just goes to show that a lot of hard work really does end up paying off. Let’s hope that AKS can keep this up because they’re certainly the driving force behind the current idol movement in Japan and like we keep saying; this is definitely a great time to be an idol fan and a lot of it is down to AKS.

  2. Wow, a million copies day one? Well, that deserves a tip of the hat and then some. ಠ_ರೃ Bravo, I say, Bravo. No really, It’s always great to see their hard work pay off.

  3. jesus christ.

  4. This proves that their popularity right now can overcome anything since if you compare the other 2 singles from this year, this one was the weakest out of the 3. At this point Akimoto can make a song about knee high sock (may just happen) and it can sell easily. Ummm so I wonder if that girl from Passpo has already shaved her head since the competition was over within the first few hours of sale lol?

  5. This is what happens when you build momentum…you can put out a less than stellar song and video and still sell like crazy off the excitement from the previous songs.

    I think AKB is at the height of their success right now, the question is how long can the extend this moment. If they don’t come back with a very good song and PV next, their momentum might start to shift. Selling this amount of records is very hard to maintain for very long.

  6. AKB world domination one step closer.

  7. Man they’ve come a long way. I still remember I saw a video about their early days where their first few theater performances only has like twenty-ish people?? Not to mention they had to stand out in the streets in the day and night to hand out flyers for their theater performances. God, it really gets me all emotional when I watched that video and now seeing how successful they are doing. In a way, hard work really does pay off most of the time.

  8. I’m speechless.

  9. Dam can’t blame them. The song is really catchy, glad that it sold over a million copies on the first day.
    Good job AKB on yet another successful single :).

  10. I still can’t really believe they sold 1 mil, man with all those little mumblings about sales perhaps going down and the song being not one of thier best and the PV not living up to the hype (which is true really but now not so important) AKB go and put this on us!

    Seems as though if AKB were falling back a bit, it was so they could get a bigger run up……..

  11. Was super happy to hear this news. Now the true testament to AKB’s popularity and momentum lies in the next single coming up. If Flying Get is as unpopular as people are making it out to be, the next single’s sales might take a dip. Otherwise, enjoy the gravy train while it lasts!

  12. Can I get a woot woot! Out of curiosity, to gauge the crest of this era of idol music, anyone got the top selling single debut for Momusu during that wave? Just for perspective yo~!

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