The Long Awaited Team KII Stage has Arrived

SKE48’s Team KII has been begging for a new, original stage for them and their wish was granted with the announcement of the KII 3rd Stage, “Ramune no Nomikata”. It’s been a long, long wait and with its share of delays(as well as frustrated fans) but it finally arrived!. The debut performance was on October 1st. To be honest I am not very close with SKE stages, but this could be the event that prompts me to check them all out and finally get to really know these stages.

KII-3rd Ramune no Nomikata:

M01 Kizashi
M02 Koutei no Koinu
M03 Deisuko Hokenshitsu
M04 Omatase Setlist
M05 Cross
M06 Finland Miracle
M07 Manazashi Sayonara
M08 Usotsuki na Dachou
M09 Nice to meet you!
M10 Kodoku na Ballerina
M11 Ima Kimi to Irareru Koto
M12 Winning Ball
M13 Akushu no Ai
M14 Bowling Desire
M15 16 Shoku no Yume Kureyon
M16 Ramune no Nomikata
M17 Medley(Aozora~1!2!3!4!~Gomen ne~Banzai Venus~Pareo)

You can check the debut performance of it here!


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  1. I think I should be more excited about stages but honestly I am a terrible 48 fan because I have not sat through an entire stage. It just takes up too much time.

    How much am I really missing?

    • I guess it depends on how much of a SKE48 fan you are. I’d hardly call this essential viewing but if you’re a fan of SKE then it might be worth checking out..

      In all honesty you could probably just wait for the eventual album version of this if you don’t like sitting through the entire performance.

  2. Not very knowledgeable when it comes to the stages but will probably give this a watch later.

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