The Kashiwagi Dilemma

Someone thought it was an awesome idea to put up an authentic costume of Kashiwagi Yuki’s up for auction online. Apparently a management employee saw it, and participated in the auction and won it for 300,000 yen, which is almost four thousand dollars. Once the employee received the item, it was confirmed as an authentic, stolen costume from their warehouse, and notified the police.

Now, there are multiple things wrong with this. How could you not know it was stolen, and why on earth would you put it up for sale in a public auction?  I’m sure there’s plenty of underground, black-market auctions that would take interest in this. The person caught auctioning this off was none other than a 17 year old student, who of course claims that he bought it from some other dude on the internet, and didn’t know it was stolen. It’s totally likely that a sleuth went through the trouble of stealing an outfit from the biggest media group in Japan and selling it to a kid for dirt cheap so he could flip it for huge profit. I’m sure the police totally bought it.

The management has no comment on it, but I’m sure it was a wake-up call to heighten security, assuming stuff like this hasn’t happened already. But more than anything, I want to know what outfit it was.


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  1. LOL
    Where’d that kid get Yukirin’s costume? lmfao.. that’s some crazy stuff. And the employee spent 4,000 on it? That’s a weird way and a bit OUT of the way to confirm such a trivial crime. Also, its strange that he would single it out and suspect it as being an authentic with the plethora of falsified items on the net.

    I wonder if he was reimbursed for the costs. Hell, I wonder if he actually stole it, sold it for dirt cheap to a kid, had the kid sell it online, re-buy it for 4,000, get reimbursed, make himself look good and instantly promoted, etc.

    But of course, the real world DOESN’T work the same way my conspiracy theories do. Wild imagination here.

    On a side note, if I had that costume I’d sniff it and sleep with it for about a year or so.

  2. I’m more disappointed that I didn’t get the chance to buy it.

    Half joking aside, it probably wouldn’t hurt AKS to tighten their security. If someone managed to steal a costume it does make you wonder what else could be gotten away with if security really is that lacking.

  3. If my memory serves me right, there seems to be a lot of events where idol security seems extremely weak.

    Remember the recent events with the guy flipping off Sayaka? Or the time that one guy got footage of the AKB members he wasn’t supposed to? They really need to protect these girls. I mean these are petite, fragile, teenage girls which millions of people desire and they can’t really protect themselves…

  4. It seems odd that they didn’t twig that a costume was missing, especialy as they were quick to figure it was authentic, was it just a case of having lots of these costumes and just not noticing it was missing or perhaps something even more incompetent or as you say, perhaps sinister (I really hope it isn’t!)

    hmm why do I get a funny feeling that AKS might use this as an idea one day?………..

    • You have to imagine that they probably keep all of the costumes they use and when you multiply that by however many girls were in whatever PV, CM, etc I guess they can be forgiven for not noticing that one went missing.

      I’m sure it’s not something that they take stock of that regularly after all. It still doesn’t excuse the fact that someone appears to have just been able to make off with one though.

  5. I remember seeing an auction for Maeda Atsuko’s pajamas or something that was going for around the same price. I don’t know how authentic it was, but even it was fake it still fooled wotas enough to bid that high.

    Good thing management got a hold of this one again, who knows what some crazy wotas would do with it…

  6. According to 2ch matomes this is the incriminating auction.

    Apparently it’s an Enkyori Poster costume, which makes things ever more bizarre considering there are 7 original costumes like that (as many as the members performing this song) and they all look the same in size and general appearance. So, assuming it’s not just a cosplay replica, how does one know this specifically belongs to Yuki?

    • Hmm, if that is the case then thats quite wierd, it seems odd that they would miss one off 7 or outfits, maybe this does perhpas back up the theory of an insider job of getting the outfit onto the market.

      As for knowing it belongs to Yuki, well I suppose they have thier ways of eitther naming or idetifying whose outfit is whose, perhaps something that only the staff know and so once they got it they new it was one of Yuki’s…..

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