The Kashiwagi Dilemma

Someone thought it was an awesome idea to put up an authentic costume of Kashiwagi Yuki’s up for auction online. Apparently a management employee saw it, and participated in the auction and won it for 300,000 yen, which is almost four thousand dollars. Once the employee received the item, it was confirmed as an authentic, stolen costume from their warehouse, and notified the police.

Now, there are multiple things wrong with this. How could you not know it was stolen, and why on earth would you put it up for sale in a public auction?  I’m sure there’s plenty of underground, black-market auctions that would take interest in this. The person caught auctioning this off was none other than a 17 year old student, who of course claims that he bought it from some other dude on the internet, and didn’t know it was stolen. It’s totally likely that a sleuth went through the trouble of stealing an outfit from the biggest media group in Japan and selling it to a kid for dirt cheap so he could flip it for huge profit. I’m sure the police totally bought it.

The management has no comment on it, but I’m sure it was a wake-up call to heighten security, assuming stuff like this hasn’t happened already. But more than anything, I want to know what outfit it was.


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