The Inevitable has Come

We all knew it was coming, it was just a matter of when. Fans have been kept on their toes for years, waiting for this very announcement. On May 13th, thousands of copies will fly off the shelves. I’m talking, of course, about the inevitable photobook of Watanabe Mayu.

It’s titled “Mayuyu”(seems like all photobooks are titled after nicknames these days), and it’s a pretty good time to release considering the general elections are going to be on everyone’s mind at that time.

While our David continues to conjure up reasons as to why he doesn’t like Mayu, I’ll absolutely be picking this up. It’s Watanabe frakkin’ Mayu.  Honestly, I wasn’t keen on her when I started following AKB, but I think she’s succeeded in showing me that she’s more than just “the cute one” in the past year, and I’ve grown to like her a lot.


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  1. Have to admit, Mayu have really grown on me in the last few months. Maybe because she is IRL troll? I’ll never know, but I’m gonna join you in getting her PB, I hope it goes well for her!

  2. If I had tha money to buy shit, I wouldn’t. The End.
    (Because who want to buy shit anyways? It’s shit for Christ’s sake hohoho).

  3. Mayu isn’t my favourite member but I’m still really looking forward to this.


  5. Dave is a two timing slut. Where’s your Maeda Atsuko now?

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