The IdolHelpline Episode 06: Why Japan Loves Schoolgirls

David Liao, a tree among schoolgirls, muses about the power of the Japanese school uniform.

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-Dae, aka Mizu -Writer, broadcaster, and podcaster on New School Kaidan

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  1. so many questions. is this available in audio format? I ask because the on-screen visuals are both David and whatever reference is being inferred. Wouldn’t mark it as a bad thing, I assume it gives a personal touch for viewers. I just resonate with the whole basement studio vibe thing a bit too much on a whole passive aggressive vein. Looking forward to less david face, more referential visuals, & david face outros.

  2. I like the words coming out of your mouth. Those faces you make, gives me those bathroom scrawl feels. The pop up images are like those tawdry posters you find on truck-stop toilet stalls. Altogether the series carries a good time, feel good, glorious whole observations of this … community? Keep it strong bro.

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