The Idol Digest: Itte Koi 48 #013 (07.24.2011)

07.24 – Itte Koi 48 Episode 13

This week on SKE’s show they continue with the Banzai Snake episodes. The first third of the show is a telling of scary stories to members in pajamas. It’s a little cheesy especially with no understanding of what he’s saying. About a third of the way through (6:48) the show picks up a bit with wake up skit featuring Hirata Rikako waking up Team E members Kimoto Kanon, Yamashita Yukari, and Umemoto Madoka. It’s a descent skit. I don’t want to spoil it but it’s worth a watch just for the Kimoto Kana parts.

The show then goes back to the scary stories and a trek in the woods ending at (20:50). At this point, there’s one last scare involving the members. Kato Rumi, Kimoto Kanon, and Uemoto Madoka’s reactions are pretty interesting. Itte Koi continues to trudge along slowly, reusing clips and re-teasing future skits but the show ends with a preview of a portion I’ve been waiting for since the beginning of the snake themes. And that’s the snake in the pot, Preview Starting at (22:34).

Members This Show Include:

Team S: Hirata Rikako, Kuwabara Mizuki, Kato Rumi
Team E: Kimoto Kanon, Yamashita Yukari,Umemoto Madoka

Itte Koi 48 Episode 13 is available via Hello Online [Here]

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  1. I’ve been really enjoying this show so far, I started to wonder how long they could keep up the snake thing before it got alittle boring but it just keeps getting better. Also on the part near the end where they are all in the minibus, Yamashita Yukari’s reaction is so great how she almost doesn’t react at all, and the way Katou Rumi is about to jump then just looks fed up after seeing yet another snake made me laugh alot. I’ve been looking forward to the snake+pot part for a while now and I hope they show it next week because it looks hilarious.

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