The Giant Among Idols

Any of you guys like MMA? Did you watch the fight last week where this really big dude named Alistair Overeem beat up on another really big dude named Brock Lesnar? No?

Don’t care? I think you should because a year ago Alistair was in Japan promoting his K-1 fights at an Idol performance.

Guess who it was with. Skip to 3:07 if you can’t patiently wait.

Thanks to Idol Fan Jeff for sending this one in.

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  1. The same part where he lifts them, were in one of the hype video from UFC.

  2. I trained with Alistair before. lol, I follow MMA, n k-1 and used to train myself. When you guys posted the Chai Maxx one I was overjoyed n flipped my shit.

    Idols + martial arts = Winning

    • Nice to see another MMA/Idol hybrid here! Training with Overeem is pretty awesome. I trained at AKA for a short time back in the day.

      And I agree, any crossover between MMA, puroresu, and idols makes me geek out. I can’t wait to see the Wrestle Kingdom footage with Komori.

      • Wow, another hybrid. I’ve trained all over.. but the only really note worthy places being Renzo Gracie’s and Marcelo Garcia’s BJJ schools. Got my purple belt from Renzo’s school in NY.

        Never really been into grappling.. prefer striking and k-1 so after learning it for 5 years I sorta lost interests. I’ve trained with a few guys.

        This is VERY rare though.. meeting another person like me. hard to find idol fans as it is, finding one who likes combat sports is cool. *salute*

        Hope to continue to see u around.

  3. This. Is. Amazing.

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