The Final Day of AKB48’s Request Hour Set List to be Streamed Live on Google+ Watch it with Us!

Hey AKB48 fans, we will see a stream of the final day of the “Request Hour Set List 2012” on Google+ tonight. The guys of New School Kaidan will be hanging out on Google+ and we will try to stream the event on our live page as well. The final day starts at 6 PM Japan time make sure you find out what time it is for you!

If you are a fan of AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 and you’re NOT on Google+, you need to get an account right now! Google+ is a fantastic way to keep up with what’s going on with your favorite members and watch awesome events like this “Request Hour Set List 2012”!

Add me on Google+ and you can hangout with the guys of New School Kaidan as we count down to number one!

You can also follow me on twitter and I can get you more details as we get closer to the live event.

Spread the word! This event will be worth staying up for!



P.S. If you’re too LAZY to sign up for Google+ and hangout with us. You can watch the stream on AKB48’s official youtube page.

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  1. Exactly what time does this start EST? I’m guessing like 4am. That’s crazy… But I’m not the sharpest bulb in the shed, never was, never will be. So please let me know what’s up.

    I’d join NSK as we stroke our beards and watch underage girls dance.

  2. Just two more hours to wait. This is gonna be great!

  3. like 25min left now.

    • Just woke up. My eyes hurt…

      • Nice. havent went to sleep. stayed up playing video games and now im eating a feast i cleverly ordered at around midnight to sustain me tonight. hope my shitty net can handle so much streaming lol

      • btw never did a G+ hang out.. not sure how or where or why or what or who or, yea.

        i added u on it earlier.. my acc has my name written in katakana and a pic of lovetan. lol, so ye.. idk wtf to do. but i want to party lol

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