The Best of Good Times (my edition)

going off of what David posted earlier, these are some of my favorite shuffle/sub groups from H!P past. David calls me a cuteness whore for liking these groups…hmm not seeing the problem there.

(anyone remember playing this song on DDR? I think it was on the 5th mix)

I shall combat David’s Reina video with dose of Niigaki!


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  1. Ahh, furusato, what a classic track. This song accompanied by a slide show of Niigaki’s childhood really makes me nostalgic of my younger years.

    Daww at 0:51. What an adorably, chubby, baby Gaki.
    Lol, she’s like a miniature Luffy with that straw hat on.

    • haha i’m glad i’m not the only who appreciates a good chibi gaki slideshow.

      Niigaki’s version of Koe is amazing as well. I hope in the future Gaki can do more solo remakes of classic MM songs, perhaps even Tsunku can write her up a original song.

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