Thank God This Sub-member Crap is Over

Smileage has four permanent additions as real members, which means all four sub-members got in. The facade of “we’re going to make you work for your place” proved to be toothless and a joke, but now that it’s finally over I can work on learning these member’s names, since they’re now recognized as real people by UFA. Hopefully the director of their next PV will recognize that as well. So here they all are:

Tamura Meimi

Katsuta Rina

Nakanishi Kana

Takeuchi Akari

Out of the new additions, I think Tamura Meimi stands out the most to me. I’m not normally a type to like fangs and snaggle-tooths but she pulls them off. Will she join the ranks of Wada Ayaka and Maeda Yuka as one of my favorites? Time will tell. Give them some damn screen-time first.


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  1. Glad that this farce is finally over. Looking forward to seeing the new members hopefully getting a lot more of the spotlight from this point on.

  2. am really glad that they are official members now . as you said dae hope they get more screen time in PVs.

  3. I’m glad they finally finished this crap as well and that Tsunku dodged a bullet here. If he had cut Tamura Meimi from the group, I would have been forced to hunt him down and ring his neck…just sayin’.

    Did they have a skirt cutting ceremony or is that still to come?

  4. Even if I suspected that they’d be official anyway, I’m still happy for all of them. I love S/mileage. I always have. These girls worked hard and showed that they can grow. Why wouldn’t I want to give them my full support like I do with Kanon, Dawa, and Yuuka?

  5. I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. It’s still unfortunate that Kosuga Fukuya had to bow out of the group. Oh well, at least she’ll be in eggs.

    I think meimi stands out the most as well. I’m sure most would agree that her addition to the group is a natural fit, considering the bratty motif the group seems to carry. Personally, I’m more interested in Akari Takeuchi. I’ve recognized her from her short stint in Shin MiniMoni and have been following her since. I get the impression that she’ll gradually become an important asset to smileage.

  6. Wel what a massive waste of a few months of promoting these girls as full members, I mean yeah, the sub-member idea may of worked if they didin’t all get in but as they did it’s just one massive WTF!

    Well at least they may now get to, you know, actually sing in the next single…..

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