TF004 – Top Five Idols To Bring Home

Recorded October 20th, 2011.

Tron, Dae, and David sit down to talk about their Top 5 Idols who they’d bring home to meet the parents.



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  1. before i put my top five i would like to say that my parents would not prefer any of the girls because of race which sucks…now my top five list looks like this:
    5- maeda atsuko.
    4- sashihara rino.
    3- takahashi minami.
    2- akimoto sayaka.
    1- miyazawa sae.

  2. David,

    Sure Yurina is fun at first but then you go out to play basketball and she comes out of nowhere and blocks your shot and all of a sudden she isn’t so much fun anymore.

    I always say BK looks like a basketball team with Captain and Momochi as starting and backup point guards, Miyabi at shooting guard, Chinami at small forward, Maasa at power forward and Yurina at center…with Risako able to play both SF and PF off the bench. I would actually really like to see them play a game, I’m sure it would be hilarious.

    Great show…as much as I love some Oshima Yuko I would think she would be the most difficult to bring home to the parents…you never know when she might try to feel up your sister or worse.

  3. Interesting Top 5.
    Luckily my parents don’t really mind who I bring home so long as they aren’t disrespectful and destroying the house so I can’t think of a Top 5 of idols they would be ok with because they are pretty much ok with most people.
    Thanks for the Top 5.

  4. Very nice Top 5. It was really interesting to see you guys reason out every choice.

    My parents are generally easy-going and would support me whomever I pick as long as she’s respectful. However, I can see them wanting me to go for a smart, goal-driven and mature girl. They won’t be too critical but they will want someone with a good head on their shoulders. That’s fine with me because that’s the type of girl I like. Never dated a girl so I can’t really know for sure. Here’s my list:

    5. Shinoda Mariko – She’s extremely mature and charming. My parents would love her. Her slight air-headiness is a bit of a negative but I doubt it will be a big deal.

    4. Yokoyama Yui – Again very mature and very respectful. Although, I can see her being kind of dead in conversations so my mother would approve of her but won’t be very close to her.

    3. Matsui Jurina – What mother wouldn’t want a girl who wins at everything?

    2. Takahashi Minami – My mother would LOVE her. She’s goal driven, she knows when to be mature and when to be silly, and she’s a fantastic leader.

    1. Nakamata Shiori – This is probably a surprise since she ain’t too popular but I think she’s the best match. She screams “drive” and “ambition” by going to a prestigious university and staying an AKB member. She’s also cute and seemingly an enjoyable person to talk to. However, I’m a bit biased since she’s my Team 4 oshimen.

    Honorable mentions: Hata Sawako – I really wanted to put her in but she’s just too damn shy. She’s smart enough to impress my mother but not a lot of conversation would be made.

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