TF003 – Top Five Sub-Groups

Recorded September 29th, 2011.

Tron, Dae, and David sit down to talk about their Top 5 Sub-Groups.



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  1. 1. W
    2. Watarirouka Hashiritai 7
    3. Tanpopo
    4. No Sleeves
    5. French Kiss

    Honorable mention Not Yet

  2. 1. Watarirouka Hashiritai 7
    2. Team PB
    3. No Sleeves
    4. Buono!
    5. Team Z

    Honourable mentions go to Minimoni and French Kiss.

    That was a lot more difficult than I expected it to be.

  3. Tanpopo is easily #1 for me. Especially 2nd gen. Lots of great songs. Otome Pasta, Tanpopo, Last Kiss, Koi wo Shichaimashita. And one of the original sub groups.

  4. 1) no3b
    2) Team YJ (freaking love Choose Me!)
    3) Mini Moni. (even Bling Moni era)
    4) GAM
    5) H.P. All Stars
    Honorable mentions: W, AKBIdoling!!!, Queen & Elizabeth, Eguchi Aimi xDDD

  5. Thanks guys, keep ’em coming

  6. 1, Mini Moni – You can’t beat them when it comes to cuteness, record sales and definitely not Merchandise sales.

    2. W – I think they had a great potential to be big outside Japan if things hadn’t gone wrong.

    3. Def Diva – Abe Natsumi, Matrurra Aya, Goto Maki, and Ishikawa Rika…that says it all. I’m sure Fujimoto was pissed that Ishikawa was in this group and not her.

    4. Gam – Their songs mean nothing to me, but their legs get them here on their own.

    5. v-u-den – I think they had tremendous potential and were extremely sexy.

    No AKS groups on my list yet because I’m waiting to see what they do a little more but I can’t ignore any group with Oshima Yuko in it, so Not Yet gets an honorable mention…also Ecomoni lol.

  7. Ahhhh. This goes over my head a bit. So much oldschool H!P. XP

    But here’s my list

    1. Watarirouka Hashiritai 7
    2. No3b
    3. Not yet
    4. W (Has the first member I learned about, Kago Ai)
    5. Buono

    Also, I’m with you, Tron. I don’t like Love Machine that much. It’s not bad but Renai Revolution is a lot better.

  8. 1)no3b

    2)French Kiss
    ( Should be third but got bumped up because of Yukirin >..<
    On the other hand, I feel like an AKS fag lol

  9. 3) Not Yet
    ( Should have been 2nd but got bumped down. Dont ask why, just got this gut feeling… -_-” )

    4) Warota7

    Yes, it’s all AKS, I don’t listen to much Hello Project. >.<

    P.S. Sorry for doube posting, the first post was cut off for some weird reason when I posted it.

  10. 1. Watarirouka Hashiritai
    2. (Not sure if this one’s allowed but) Team YM7
    3. Team PB
    4. Not Yet
    5. Team Z

    That was hard.

  11. My ranking! Though it’s only AKS because I don’t exactly know that many HP subgroups

    1. no3b – I pretty much love everything about this subunit. The girls, the voices, the songs – and the range of songs is great, from idol music to anisong to electropop – and the dynamics between the girls. Really, there is no other subunit that compares to the dynamics between these three girls.

    1.a) PERSONA! The unofficial number 1 and a half, because they never officially existed lol.

    2. ICE from AKB48 – Aisareru to iu koto has been near the top of my AKB-related songs ranking since I first heard it. Beautiful song.

    3. Team Z – Koi no Onawa was fantastic! And the PV was dorky, but fun <3

    4. Not Yet – …Yuko, really, just Yuko.

    5. Watarirouka Hashiritai – Songs are catchy (though in all honesty, I listen to jophan's akkanbebashi-dirtymix- ( ) more than the original song xD; )

    Also, 3 seconds was released as a digital single..the quality isn't CD quality, but it's still <3 You can get it here: ^.^

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