TF002 – Top Five Wish List Items

Recorded September 11th, 2011.

Tron, Dae, and David sit down to talk about the Top 5 things they wish would happen in the Idol Industry.



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  1. The song that sounds like my sharona is aisha loan de off the 3rd album.

  2. You keep strengthening my accusations, Tron. You have talked badly about Itano, Kojima, Oba Mina and now Hata Sawako?! :P

    I’m just kidding but I get her appeal. Think of your stereotypical sweaty and socially awkward wota. If these weren’t idols and they were in the same high school or college, what girl would they most likely think of asking out? Someone open and energetic like Ishida or a shy, awkward girl like Sawako? Sawako is less intimidating and therefore can be more attractive because fans want to be that confidence booster. Being smart helps too. That’s the reason why I love her and Nakamata. It’s pretty sad but you can really tell during the Shukan exams that it’s a good thing a lot of idols went into the music industry instead of trying to apply for colleges.

    About David’s #2, I am around the same age of most idols and I actually agree with you. I watched Riho’s DVD and even though she is only like a few years younger than me, I still felt creeped out. I feel the same way about H!P showing off S/mileage’s legs and the photobooks back when Oshima was a U15 gravure model.

    Also, it would be interesting for if Maeda Ami shaved her eyebrows. I mean I like them, but I just to see what the hell happens. I want to see if she can push herself past such a shallow gimmick.

    It was a great show. I hope you do more of these.

  3. Nice Top 5, it’s always interesting to see these as well as the regular podcast. I think it would cool to see more live streaming from AKB, I know Ishida Haruka has her own show on NicoNico once a week. I’ve watched a few of them here and there but it would be nice to see more members doing this kind of thing. Tanabe Miku, Uchida Mayumi, Nakaya Sayaka and Nakata Chisato have a show (I think) but I’m kind of unclear of whether it’s done live or not.

  4. Nice top five and I have a few comments:

    -Tron, Ishida Anna being in the top 40 is a dream. A JKT48 member has a better chance of being in the top 40 if they are allowed in the elections than Ishida does.

    _In regards to AKS and streaming, SKE does a weekly streaming show on niconico. Its probably the closest thing fans will get of them doing something live on the internet. There was also a akb member who was also broadcasting on niconico ( I completely forgot which member is was) about a month or two ago and Im think the broadcast was discontinued. The problem I see with the streaming concept that even the SKE broadcast deals with is the interaction. Its impossible to get your comment read by them with the amount of messages being sent by over 60000 ppl. However, it would be nice for them to adopt the idea in different way such as sometimes with TGS, they stream while they are working or when they are on the breaks in between. Fans would probably like the same thing if AKB copied the same concept.

    -With David’s number 2, I personally do not have a problem with the photo books for these idols who are young such as Riho. I dont even look at PB’s most of the time. The reason I don’t have a problem with it because outside the idol culture, photo books, modeling pics, bikini pics in general for girls from 10 to 15 is common. I think Oshima Yuko use to be junior model back in the days prior to AKB even being formed. Although I may not be into looking at these types of pictures, its something that Japan is fine with.

    -My last comment is about the Masuda Yuka statements. In the past couple of months since DIVA was formed, she has not used her tagline of referred to herself as the “Takoyaki girl” excluding the LOD’s. She has been featured twice on some show about High School talent in which in one ep she was harmonizing with a group of opera singers. During the whole like 2 mins she was featured (smh) she never used her catchphrase. On the DIVA youtube channel, the videos they upload are just members messing around backstage during events and there isnt any mention of takoyaki at all. I personally think she has broken out of that nickname although she continues not to get screen time. From whatever things I can see of her that she is featured in over the past couple months or her blog entries, she doesnt associate herself with her tagline anymore.

  5. The trumpets in Hetappi Wink are synth. I had this conversation with Dae before. Most of AKB’s songs are composed with synth instruments.

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