Tell Tron He’s Crazy

During the last Japan trip, I took Tron to an Idol show and one of the groups we happened upon was this EDM group called 2o Love to Sweet Bullet (pronounced To Love To Sweet Bullet).

That night they played about 6 songs, two of which, BABY KISS and Halloween no Special One, were their most recent singles.

After their set I turned to Tron and said “Dude that group was awesome”

And he agreed. But we disagreed on which song was better.

So I need you guys to help me set him straight. Which is the better song?

Halloween no Special One

Remember this is not about the quality of the PV just in which is the superior song. I think it’s pretty obvious.

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  1. Halloween has more personality, but it seems like BABY KISS would be the more fun live song.

  2. i think you are both wrong. the obv answer is baby kiss but being a musician i could see the nuances of halloween. neither is better.

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