team dragon unit revealed and preview!

there was an announcement two weeks ago that a sub-unit of akb members(forming ‘team dragon’) would sing the ending theme song of anime Dragonball Kai.  the only member revealed with the announcement was takahashi minami.

now, all the members of team dragon are revealed! 
…with the picture above i’ve already revealed that kashiwagi yuki is in it.

click below to see who the other members are, and a preview of the song!

along with kashiwagi yuki and takahashi minami will be oshima yuko, maeda atsuko, itano tomomi, kojima haruna, and watanabe mayu.

this is probably the most star-studded sub-unit of akb ever.  i’m glad many members i like are in it but at the same time, having all the most featured and popular members makes it kind of predictable.  i would have liked to see someone like sashihara rino, amina sato or some others in team dragon to shake it up a little.

no doubt that that this will be one of the songs performed at Anime Expo 2010.

there’s a preview of the song here:

for some reason i was expecting something cooler and fast-paced, but a sweet song works too.

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