Taiwan48: Another Small Step towards International Domination

Even if westerners won’t buy into the idol idea, nothing’s stopping Japan from trying to expand across Asia.  We’ve heard idealistic talk about Akimoto wanting to form 48 groups internationally, but a lot of us just saw it as a pipe dream.

Well, we’re now seeing that Akimoto Yasushi’s master plan is well underway, working towards creating a Taiwan48.  It’s said to be like other 48 groups in that they will be performing in a theater, and it could be up and running as soon as this summer.

The idea of spreading an idol concept outside of Japan opens up a plethora of questions and doubts, but we’ll see how it goes.  Remember H!P and Ice Creamusume?  I don’t, but it apparently existed as UFA’s attempt to create a H!P group in Taiwan.  All that came from it was one album before it disappeared sometime in 2009.

I’m not paying the conception of Taiwan48 too much mind, as I’ll wait for details or any news to see how Akimoto plans to pull this off.  Either way it’ll be interesting to see what comes of it.


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