Taiwan is Still On

Many of you remember the announcement of a “Taiwan 48” which was made way back in May of this year, but haven’t heard anything about it since. Instead of updates on Taiwan, Indonesia’s JKT48 seemed to be moving forward at a very fast rate.  Many have speculated that the project quietly fizzled in the past 5 months, but it seems like the project is still on.

It was announced that the Taiwanese group will officially become TPE48, for “Taipei 48”; becoming the second official overseas group of “idols you can meet”. Their projected debut date lies around summer of next year.  Will Akimoto write their songs?  Will that responsibility be given to local composers?  Will the songs simply be translated Japanese songs?  How often will they make singles?  These overseas groups just creates a million questions and worries about their success, as well as how it will affect the current 48 groups in Japan.


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  1. I’m still waiting for the day I hear of NYC48. lol

    • It would certainly be………interesting to see how that would turn out.

      • Oooo yes, it will absolutely be interesting…

        • I disagree. If it is in America, they might have to get American girls. White girls trying to sing songs written by Aki-P might be embarrassing…

          • Yeah, I know. That was an awkward realization I had as well. I’m mixed on it.. obviously Aki-p can’t write those songs. And, I’d imagine an American group like that from NYC, wouldn’t just be white girls but multicultural. White, Hispanic, Asian girls, etc lol.

            Its just wrong though, more than likely wouldn’t work or sell here. American “idols”.. don’t think western culture would be too accepting of the concept of an idol. Or accepting a large female group like that… also by American standards, most of the girls would probably have to be 18 and older. I don’t see them age range mixing like that here.. I could be wrong, but I just feel that wouldn’t work in western culture.

            STILL, I’d love to see or hear of an attempt, even if they squashed the project in the end. That would be dope.

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