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The Chase And Yoshi Show Episode 3

Chase breaks down his trip to Japan, Yoshi talks about some games that he has been playing recently, anime from Fall 2017 / Winter 2018, and more! Recorded February 25th, 2018. Intro/Outro “Attitude Adjustment” Song By Chase Lim [download] Chase Lim’s Twitter- @starlancerpg Yoshi Hagiwara’s Twitter –  @yoshirekt New School …

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Alice Project’s Newest Unit: Game Girls!

Game Girls

Mixing games and idols is a combination not seen often, but when it happens we get very excited! Today, Alice Project, home of niche idol groups/units such as Armor Girls, Steam Girls and also Alice Juban, made the grand announcement of their latest niche to hit the PARMS stage in …

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NSK 175 – Four-man fearless leader podcast

New School Kaidan Podcast

Recorded January 9th, 2014. Opening: NSK Feelin’ by Yoshi-P Ending: Borealis by 13thBeat [download] Yoshizumi Hagiwara’s Twitter – @yoshi_nsk David Chang’s Twitter – @t3hdave Dae Lee’s Twitter – @newschooldae David Liao’s Twitter – @rockliao New School Kaidan Twitter – @newschoolkaidan NSK Google+ Community

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NSK Steam Secret Santa

It’s a video game exchanging holiday extravaganza! If you play games on PC or Mac and use Steam, you know that every winter is the most anticipated time of year for crazy sales— up to 75% percent off, which means awesome, quality games going for 5-10 dollars. So we at …

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PC Club: NSK vs Dead Center

Watch the horror through Dave Chang’s eyes as he, Dae, Anthony, and community member Kyle try to get through Left 4 Dead 2’s ‘Dead Center’ in one piece. Dave and Anthony haven’t touched the game in over a year, while Dae hasn’t played any L4D game before, period. Nonetheless, NSK’s …

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NSK Origins: Garry

I don’t know why I’m writing this post, boredom probably. Anyway, since Dave did one of these I figured maybe one of you might be interested in hearing about my tragic teenage years. God, I was such a fuck up now that I think back on it. Anyway, brief introductions …

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