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Up Up Girls (2) – We are Winner! / Starting over (6th Single)

Description Apga sister min unit, up-up girls (2) including three consecutive tunes sound production music Released the third CD release series on Tuesday, April 2! The first single release of nine members welcomes three new members! UP-UP GIRLS (provisional) sister group, UP-UP GIRLS (2) (Reading: Cuckrey) are musicians to offer …

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Up Up Girls (2) – Kakatte Kinasai / OVER DRIVE (5th Single)

Apgua sister unit, up-up girls (2) 3 works Continuous Tsunku ♂ Sound Produce Including Music CD Release Series 2nd Single “Come over Please / OVER DRIVE” released! Ups girls (tentative) sister group, up-up girls (2) (reading: kakkoniki) Music performer to offer music, three entertainment series which greet Mr. Tsunku ♂ …

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