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Morning Musume: 1/Musume

In the run up to the release of their 54th single “Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke / Ai no Gundan“, Morning Musume have been releasing a series of short videos aimed at introducing the current members to a new audience. Introducing “The Current Morning Musume”  

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This Week in Music 06.12.2013

Sashihara Rino sent shockwaves through the AKB48 fandom at the weekend when she became King (Queen?) of the Mountain. The phrase “Somebody get a body bag!” has never been so fitting (seriously it wasn’t even close, she destroyed everyone). My excitement and newly ignited interest in AKB aside, it’s time …

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This Week in Music 05.08.2013

Well, last week was a complete blowout due to it being Golden Week in Japan so sorry to the two of you who read this. I’m back this week though and for a change I’m not rushing to meet my 6am EST deadline. That’s forward planning for you I suppose. …

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