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New PV Alert: tipToe. – Akane

Back with their 9th promotional video, tipToe. get their art-house production in gear yet again for “Akane (茜)”. Overdriven guitars chords and echoed guitar leads match a thick snare sound for the musical side of the song that finds the six girls singing in a soundstage production. Exposed panel lights …

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New PV Alert: tipToe. – Night walk

The eyes have it as tipToe begin their 8th promotional video “Night Walk”. Apt to the title, our girls dress in pajamas and walk about the streetlamp lit corridors. Armed with ear buds and plastic sacks from the convenience store, the girls seem to wander about on their eventual journey …

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New PV Alert: tipToe. – blue moon.

The piano strains of Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” twinkle on the piano as a preamble to the latest promotional video from tipToe. Set completely as a ballet, “blue moon.” puts two dancers in opposition with a giant blue moon as backdrop to their arabesque. Just as Debussy’s third movement gives …

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tipToe. – thirdShoes. (Limited Single)

tipToe. profile image

thirdShoes. [Limited Edition] / tipToe. An idol group “tipToe.” That is formed based on the organization formed in December 2016 “Act as a young as everyone?” Concept. Featuring a refreshing royal road pop sound reconstructed in contemporary style incorporating freshly sentimental visuals with youth and school motifs and Shibuya system, …

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New PV Alert tipToe. – Happy flavor

The 6th promotional video from tipToe. is an all animated affair of a sleepover for the six girls. “Happy flavor” bears an animation style that’s high in charm, although it might also be expressed as a “rough sketch”. Colorful and simplistic, the promotional video probably tricks more than one person …

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New PV Alert: tipToe. – Heartbeat

An upbeat arrangement gives tipToe. the perfect promotional device for their upcoming first full album “magic hour”. “Heartbeat” offers a more focused sound and a lively & accessible arrangement. The tight rock instrumentation of “Heartbeat” plays jangling guitars, classic-tone guitar leads, and organ pads- it sounds like love, don’t it? …

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